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Free Week Trial, Premier Service, NBA+MLB+NHL

Pro Player's Club has a massive opportunity for you to take advantage of...We are offering one Week of Premier Service FREE with a 125% Sign up Bonus!!! This is a win win for EVERYONE. We get to give you winners for a week and have you join the Club as a client after a very profitable week while you get a week of profit FREE. We get 35% of your signup bonus while you get 125% signup bonus. This is just a no brainer. We have partnered with BETus who have I have switched to from Bovada. These guys are changing the game. Think of it as FanDuel/Draftkings that you can use in any state (just like Bovada but MUCH more user friendly. I would recommend putting in at least $100 and use your sign on bonus with the first batch of free picks you get and double it over night. Use your Free Bonus for the rest of the week and make money from nothing!!!

Click the image above or Click HERE to sign up now!!!

After you sign up with at least $100 to claim your 125% bonus DM us at , Email us at , or Text us at 727-269-8263 with a screenshot and we will get you the free picks for 7 Days via text absolutely FREE no sales or hassles!!! The free service will including Premier, (PRO), and Parlays in MLB,NBA, and NHL!!! This is the definition of making money from nothing!!! Looking forward to making some money together this week!!!

Once again sign up now at BetUS and let us know so we can get you the Free Week of Premier Service!!! Please contact us if you have any questions!!! Thank you for Choosing Pro Player's Club

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