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     The return of Football means the return of Premier Plays!   If you were with us last season you understand why Pro Player's Club is called "The Premier sports consulting agency"... after all we did just finish this September with a 16-2-1 Record!. These are one of two plays that Shaun Hogan plays PERSONALLY.   ACTION JUNKIES NEED NOT APPLY because there are only a few of these per week.   Premier Plays are only available for Football!!!


   These plays and Premier Service is a massive advantage in the world of Sports Handicapping.   With Premier Service you get 24/7 direct access to Shaun Hogan with personalized service tailored to YOUR BANKROLL  with a detailed description of each play and why it was chosen to give you the utmost confidence in it!!!   This is PERSONALIZED Service with bankroll management and the ability to contact Shaun on his DIRECT line anytime. 


   Premier Service is for players who are moving AT LEAST $500 as their max.  Shaun can only handle so many clients personally and the packages price is to weed out those who cannot move $500 Comfortably.  If this is you click the link below  to start making SERIOUS money!!!

Call or Text Shaun Hogan now at 727-269-8263 if you have any questions or sign up for Premier Service in the link below!!!



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