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We have the reputation of being one of the most honest and trusted Sports Consultant Agency, we are not claiming we are will win every game.  However, WE WILL MAKE YOU MONEY!  Check out testimonials from our valued clients. 

"Shaun is a great guy and is the only capper I have paid who I feel like I actually have a relationship with.  Basketball could have been better but with the money we made during football it was well worth it.  I have dropped all other cappers and have already got their full football promo, you can't beat the price."

"The (PLAYER) plays are very impressive.  I'm personally not an action junkie and prefer putting a few dimes on a few games.  That being said they fit my playing style and I have been very beneficial to me"
Alec (NY,NY)

"BY FAR THE BEST SERVICE I HAVE USED.  Have been with them for 2 years.  There we a couple slumps but over all HUGE PROFIT!!!  These guys are no bullshit... Yeah I got a discount for writing this but its just one of the many deals Shaun has hooked me up with.  RECOMMENDED"


"DUDE KILLS ITS.  I worked with Jon during basketball and it worked out but Shaun hooked me up with one of the best NCAAF season I've ever had.  Haven't pulled the trigger yet but will be working with them 100% this season!"
Jeff (South FL)
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