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Private Plays our bread and butter.  There is only one Private Play per day making it ideal for those who prefer quality picks (action junkies need not apply) Over 300 Clients are currently members of the Club for Private Service.    They range from 10-20 Units or $500-2000 for our bigger players *** 1 UNIT is 1% of your bankroll ***.


Our famous (PRO) plays are well known throughout the Sports Betting Advice industry and a major part of our brand.  They are known for being the most consistent entry level plays around!!!   They range from 1-5 Units.  For the smaller player who likes some action We give out safe consistent WINNERS averaging two a day.


These plays are for SERIOUS players only moving at least $500 Comfortably.  If you are interested  in these plays let your rep know and he will put you in touch with Shaun Hogan who will reach out to you DIRECTLY...First one is always free but SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY...  we were 17-3-1 with Premier this September.  This is personalized service for players who want Quality and ONLY Quality.   Call, DM, or text to ask for Premier plays or find out more about Premier Service in the link below.

More info on Premier Selection in link below.

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