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Shaun Mcandrew is the lead Marketing consultant with 5 years in the industry before opening Performance LLC in 2022 as the need for digital marketing became more apparent to ALL businesses.  Contact him now by clicking the link below!



Pro Player's Club is a boutique Marketing Consulting Firm. What separates us from the rest is our dedication to our clients and our personalized service.  We believe the best business is repeat business.   We work with everyone from Restraunts and Event Venues to Law Firms.  Shaun Mcandrew and Jason Case are our two consultants who have over a decade of experience in the industry.  We deal with you DIRECTLY with PERSONALIZED service!!!  

-Marketing SHOULD have an impact on business growth. This only happens with a highly structured approach to marketing anchored in strategy and diligent modernizing of best practices. Below are areas where we build and strengthen our clients’ business development system.



  •         SEO

  •         Digital Marketing

  •         Social Media

  •         Website Optimization

  •         Campaigns and Marketing Funnels

  •         YouTube growth

  •         Podcast

  •         CRM and Marketing Automation

  •         Email Nurture



Digital marketing encompasses EVERY touchpoint for your target personas wherever they go online. Our goal is to build your marketing ecosystem and support your revenue growth efforts with the right mix of digital tactics tied into a larger brand building and lead gen strategy.

Connect with Us:

With Pro Player's Club you are more than just a number.  We deal with our client's needs directly and have representatives available 24/7 




 848-467-0908  SHAUN MCANDREW

 347-308-0558 JASON CASE



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