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FREE (SOURCE) Selection 50 unit Beast of a play!!!  If you are playing at least $250 as your max we will get you this play FREE.  Everyone who qualifies gets the first one free!!!



30 Days of Premier+ (PRO) plays for ONLY $199!!!  Must win guarantee for First Premier play!!!  



Todays FREE (PRO) play.  Picks posted every single day in our Blog absolutely free to all followers!!!  We let our record speak for itself!!!



Pro Player's Club is one of the hottest new names in sports handicapping.  We are dedicated to providing our clients with one thing... winning plays.  (PRO) Rated plays are consistent winners that we want you to move double your average on.  (PLAYER) System is designed to maximize profits with MAX (PLAYER) picks as well as lower rated parlays and high risk/high reward plays.  PREMIER plays are ALL IN bets that we want you to move as much as possible on...Only have about 5 of them per week and they are given out by Shaun Hogan DIRECTLY in PERSONALIZED service!!!  We are firm believers of quality over quantity and sticking to what we know and master.  If you are an action junkie this is not the right service for you!!!! 

The head advisors at Pro Player's Club are Shaun Hogan and John Bendetti; who  combined have over 15 years of experience in the sports consulanting industry.  Although we are a young company our record speaks for itself and we are setting out to change the industry!!!  See if we are the right service for your betting style by contacting us!!!

Connect with Us

With Pro Player's Club you are more than just a number.  We deal with our client's needs directly and have representatives available 24/7 Call for exclusive free plays as well!!!




 727-267-8263  SHAUN HOGAN

 727-207-9660 JON BENDETTI




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